The Little Buddha

The notions of love, acceptance and joy are the theme in this playful and uplifting fantasy.

Author, Susan Dishell

The Little Buddha Book

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The Little Buddha Book

Little Buddha Book

When Little Buddha arrives on a cloud, things begin to magically change in Crankychank town. In this playful fantasy, our delightful character inspires both children & adults alike as he infuses all with joy, acceptance, love & light.

Little Buddha Book

Buddhas Banter Blog

Buddha’s Banter Blog

When I am at my best & feeling inspired by my higher consciousness, I write through the eyes of my favorite character, The Little Buddha. The Little Buddha observes with compassion, encouraging love & acceptance in the Universe.

Buddha's Banter Blog

Susan Dishell Little Buddha

Author Susan Dishell

Fine Arts dealer Susan Dishell has had a lifelong passion for the written word. A prolific writer since childhood, Susan has created many vivid stories and imaginative tales. She hopes that you will share in her stories and enjoy the journey.

Author Susan Dishell

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Pages From The Little Buddha Book

Little Buddha Book Sample Page

One Crankychank shouted, “ You’re not
one of us! Why don’t you leave here,
just take the next bus!”

Little Buddha Book Sample Page

Out flew millions of tiny colorful
hearts and the Crankchank people
all had quite a start!

Little Buddha Book Sample Page

Together we make the world a
special place. We must celebrate All people,
the whole human race.

I LOVE “Little Buddha”. A great Inspirational master-peace!

- Rawie Dee